July 6, 2022

Shared Vision

Today is session  session 6 on Your Church as a Learning Organization.

Our focus for today is on shared vision.

Stating the obvious, “vision” is a popular focus these days for churches. This is understandable, given that while our call to “go and make disciples” hasn’t changed, everything and everyone around us seemingly has. We simply cannot deny that we live in a rapidly changing world, one marked by division, uncertainty, and diminishing trust in institutions – especially in churches. And so we seek vision to answer the question before us: “How are we to advance the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ in such a rapidly changing world?”

Let’s start with this: That while our missional call to “make disciples” is fixed, vision must be fluid. This is why vision statements – even really good ones that get painted on walls and placed prominently in bulletins and on websites – rarely help churches move forward.

Vision Statements tend to be
too nebulous,
too practical,
too idealistic,
too limiting,
too detached,
or too uninspiring.

Not only that, but when something unexpected happens – a recession, a decline in attendance or giving, a pastoral transition, a pandemic – vision almost always gets set aside in favor of urgent priorities.

And yet … we NEED vision – just not the way most of us think about it.

But what if we changed our paradigm – our mental model – of what vision entails?
What if instead of fixed statements, we discerned and developed fluid plans – flexible plans – with multiple time horizons?
What if instead of expecting a pastor or key leader to discern vision, we collaborated, in team and with the Spirit’s leading – to discern vision?

What if instead of clamoring for a vision that will move us to be something altogether different, we sought a vision that would build on our God-given identity and help us to minister in our God-placed context?

What if instead of seeing vision as a point-in-time download, we see vision as an unfolding journey – one where we seek and follow the Spirit’s leading, and join God where He is already at work?

And what if vision weren’t clutched tightly, but rather was shared broadly?

This is especially important, because for vision to live, it MUST be shared. Yes, this takes time and requires intentionality and patience. Because while innovators and early adopters will climb on board quickly, others will need much, much more time … and, as I mentioned, lots and lots of patience.

The Luminex Group has led numerous church leadership teams through ‘Church Unique,’ which brings unprecedented clarity of identity … and ‘God Dreams,’ which builds on a church’s identity to discern and develop an adaptable, multi-time horizon visionary plan.

Both of these processes were developed by Will Mancini and Auxano, but we at the Luminex Group are blessed to be trained and certified by Auxano to lead these processes in our context.

If you’re interested in having a no-charge, no-obligation conversation on this, let us know!

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