Church Unique

Based on the book of the same name by Will Mancini, Church Unique is a 7-month guided journey designed to help churches identify, embrace, and live into their unique identity and purpose.

Each of our Luminex core team members have been trained and certified by Auxano to guide churches through the Church Unique process. 

In the course of seven collaborative 3-hour monthly sessions with a team of six to twelve people (a mix of pastors, staff, lay leaders, and other key influencers), we will guide your team to:

  • Identify obstacles that restrict your church from being all that God has equipped and called the church to be;
  • Uncover a Kingdom Concept that represents your “sweet spot” - what your church does as well or better than 10,000 other churches. The Kingdom Concept takes into account the unique needs and concerns of your surrounding community, the unique giftedness and potential of your congregation, and the unique passion of your leaders. 
  • Discern the unique mission of your church that encapsulates the Great Commission and encompasses the church’s unique DNA and missional calling. The product of this discernment is a mission statement that is clear, concise, compelling, catalytic, and contextual. 
  • Discover the unique core values that define and differentiate your church, and that serve to guide your focus and decision making.
  • Clarify and refine the unique strategy that your church employs (or will employ) to fulfill your mission and uphold your values.
  • Develop a set of unique measures for your church that clearly indicate whether or not the church is hitting the mark relative to its mission and related priorities.  

Are you ready to explore whether Church Unique might be the next right step for your church?