Transition Ministry

Every congregation experiences a transition in leadership at some time.

We believe that it is almost impossible to overstate the importance of a time of transition within a congregation.  When a key leader leaves, anxiety within the congregation tends to rise.  Paying attention to what God is doing during a transition can propel a congregation into the future God desires—a future of increased fruitfulness and ministry effectiveness.

Every transition is unique, but our experience tells us that it is important to pay attention to certain movements, including:

  • Helping the current leader end well.
  • Assessing the current reality of the congregation.
    • What is working well?
    • Where are desired outcomes lacking?
    • Is there clarity around mission, vision, and values?
    • Does the current staffing and structure align with the mission, vision, and values?
  • What must we work on during this transition and what should wait until the next season
  • Facilitating the search process for the next leader.
  • Onboarding the next leader.

The Luminex Group desires to come alongside your team to help in the time of transition.  We do not offer a “cookie-cutter” approach, but rather will listen, resource, educate, and coach.

Are you ready to explore whether Transition Ministry might be the next right step for your church?