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Luminex Group provides essential resources and consulting services to churches and ministry leaders.

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Church Now Cafe

One August 8-10 in Holland MI, we are creating an intentional gathering where local church leaders like you can engage in vibrant conversations about Ministry in the Land Between with emphasis on:

  • Soul Care in the Land Between
  • Important Discoveries that Can Guide Us in the Land Beyond
  • How We Should Measure Success in the Land Beyond -
  • Nurturing Holy Imagination in this Land Between -
  • Navigating a New Phygital World
  • Telling and Living the Gospel in a post-Covid, post-Christian Land

We hope you will be a part of the Church Now Cafe!

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Additional offerings

Luminex Group exists to serve pastors, staff members, lay leaders, and key contributors for churches and denominations of all shapes and sizes who believe that Jesus is Lord, that no one comes to the Father but through the Son, and that all churches have the potential to experience vitality - for the cause of Christ and to the glory of God with the following offerings...



An Auxano-certified navigator guides a church vision team of 6-12 people through seven 3-5 hour monthly sessions in a collaborative environment.


An Auxano-certified navigator guides a church leadership team through a 2-day retreat, followed by a 90-day follow-up session and follow up coaching as agreed on.

Systems Thinking

Based on his book Burnout or Breakout, John Messer leads church leaders through two 3-hour sessions designed to help participants overcome the twin towers of stifled leaders and stuck churches.


The Luminex Group guides church leaders through a comprehensive, 12-month journey that leads to clarity of identity, pronounced momentum, and increasing vitality and mission attainment.

Transition Ministry

Every transition experience is unique, AND, experience really matters. Let our experienced transition team walk alongside your congregation so you can thrive, rather than just survive during a season of transition.

Succession Planning

Some leaders prefer not to think about the inevitability of succession. We believe it is far better to be intentional about this process. Let us help you design a plan that fits your organization.
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The church needs HERO leaders: God working
Whiteboard Wednesday

The church needs HERO leaders: God working

On today's whiteboard video, Scott Lokers wraps up our series on H.E.R.O. leaders (hopeful, empowered, resilient, and optimistic) by talking about how knowing that everything God does is for our good allows for legitimate optimism. Reach out to us if your church...
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Think Tank

The importance of church identity
Think Tank Thursday

The importance of church identity

Today's Think Tank Thursday's conversation focuses in on church identity and why it is so important. They will look at identity in terms Who we are as a church. What we are called to do. Who is our neighbor. In...
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What Christian Leaders are saying about The Luminex Group

Great Counselors

Luminex Group has been great counselors for me in my ministry. Their insight is both strategic and Biblical, helping churches to grow in the ways that most please God, rather than the ways that please men.

A Pastor in Syracuse, NY

Wellspring of resources

"Luminex has a wellspring of resources for churches. I have already shared this site with other pastors and their feedback has already been positive. Thanks, Luminex for your part in God's kingdom work."


exciting and life giving

"At Forest Grove Reformed Church, we have been blessed by Mike Gafa and the Luminex Group as we have been led through the Church Unique and God Dreams processes so we can gain that clarity as a ministry.  Our team finds the processes exciting and life giving.  We can't wait to see how God will use these processes through our church body!"

Rev. Daniel DeVries,
Lead Pastor, Forest Grove Reformed Church, Hudsonville MI

Truly impressive

"Voyage Church hired The Luminex Group to facilitate a long-term visioning retreat for us while we are in the midst of a pastoral transition. Luminex did an excellent job listening, asking insightful questions, reinforcing us for our existing strengths and acknowledging some of our concerns. At the conclusion of the retreat, Luminex offered to draft a long-term vision statement. The draft was outstanding. Truly impressive. Luminex Group has my wholehearted endorsement."

Diane K. Anderson,
Elder, Voyage Church, Kalamazoo MI

Very Worthwhile

"The entire 2-year Luminex Group process was very worthwhile, and I would highly recommend other churches and leaders engaging in it. The material and sessions are well done and pull together so many critical aspects of ministry. Having an external facilitator was so important – it removed biases, favoritism, clinging to current practices, etc., yet engaged the group and pulled us all together."

Kelly Johnson

I'm Thankful

"I've been a part of Hopkins Community Reformed Church my entire life, and this is by far the most excited I have been to be a part of HCC's plan, and by far the most confident I have ever been that we are following His plan. I'm thankful God brought Luminex Group to us. I'm thankful they had us go through the God Dreams retreat."

Kyle Hoffmaster
Hopkins Community Reformed Church