Empowering Churches and their Leaders to Learn, Thrive, and Flourish.

The Luminex Group equips churches and their leaders to realize healthy growth in these volatile, uncertain, and complex times.
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Many church leaders are feeling stuck in the midst of burnout, cultural volatility, uncertainty and unhealthy church processes. Don't miss our upcoming Church Now Conversation where John Messer will provide insight and guidance to help us discover systemic, long-term solutions to moving our churches forward in a life-giving way.

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A Personal Invitation

You are invited to become part of the Upper Room Community.
As a church leader, you are the most valuable resource to the church in our region.
The Luminex Group wants to provide an experience to help you be healthy and effective in your ministry.
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What is system thinking in the church?

John talks about systems thinking. Seeing your church in an entire system. Seeing the forest for the trees. Understanding how everything is interconnected is the key to good leadership in the church.
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/ Recognizing and overcoming the obstacles to effective ministry.

Breaking Church Addictions

Believe it or not, church addictions are fairly common. They are probably more common than we would like to admit. The Breaking Church Addictions Seminar will equip you to identify the characteristics and behaviors of church addictions, understand the addictive process, and formulate interventions to restore both leaders and the congregation to health.
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  • Luminex Group has been great counselors for me in my ministry. Their insight is both strategic and Biblical, helping churches to grow in the ways that most please God, rather than the ways that please men.
    Pastor at Syracuse, NY
  • Luminex has a wellspring of resources for churches. I have already shared this site with other pastors and their feedback has already been positive. Thanks, Luminex for your part in God's kingdom work.
    Church Systems Participant at Luminex Group
  • John’s dedication to blending theory and praxis ensures that learning transcends the boundaries of academia and directly impacts the real-world challenges faced by churches. ...thoughtful and comprehensive approach to course design.
    Dr. Ditmar Pauck
    CEO and Co-Founder at T-LINK
  • At Forest Grove Reformed Church, we have been blessed the Luminex Group as we have been led through the Church Unique and God Dreams processes so we can gain that clarity as a ministry.
    Daniel DeVries
    Lead Pastor at Forst Grove Reformed Church
  • Voyage Church hired The Luminex Group to facilitate a long-term visioning retreat for us while we are in the midst of a pastoral transition. Luminex did an excellent job listening, asking insightful questions, reinforcing us for our existing strengths and acknowledging some of our concerns.
    Diane K. Anderson
    Elder at Voyage Church
  • The entire 2-year Luminex Group process was very worthwhile, and I would highly recommend other churches and leaders engaging in it. Having an external facilitator was so important – it removed biases, favoritism, clinging to current practices, etc., yet engaged the group and pulled us all together.
    Kelly Johnson
    Church Leaders at ICRC
  • John Messer's expertise and training in Systems Thinking provide invaluable insights and tools to help pastors and leaders understand and address the intricate challenges faced by churches.
    Dr. Ditmar Pauck
    CEO and Co-Founder at T-LINK