Succession Planning

Some leaders think it is better to hide the fact that a leader may be leaving an organization to guard against the dreaded “lame duck” period.  We think about that scenario a little differently.

While not everyone needs to know everything and while timing is important, we believe it is far more effective to be intentional about a process of succession.  Instead of leading to an ineffective “lame duck” period, we believe a good succession planning process shows true leadership and values the effectiveness of the organization.

We are prepared to help you think through all aspects of the succession including:

  • Clarity about the mission, vision, and values of the organization
  • The search process for the new leader
  • What is the process for internal candidates, and should it differ from the process for external candidates?
  • Onboarding the new leader

The Luminex Group has no interest in imposing a succession plan on you and every interest in helping you devise a plan which fits your context.

  • We Coach Succession for churches and leaders by…

    • FACILITATING - an organizational vision for succession - Recognizing that every church outlasts its pastor, we assist churches in developing a well thought out plan for when this transition happens so they will journey through the vacancy much more smoothly. Leaders that have and periodically review a succession plan tend to do better with succession when the day comes because they are always thinking long-term.

      • ASSESSING - the need for and recommendation of Transition Ministers - When considering the healthiest approach to a pastoral succession several matters are important to consider - the reason for the pastoral departure, length of tenure and clarity on mission to name a few. We will help you sort this out and recommend potential candidates based on findings. 

      • PLANNING -  individuals for succession - Pastors are often confused about how to approach a change of call. We can coach you through a confidential process of discovery that builds confidence and assurance, while helping set up your church for transitioning well into the season that follows.

      • COACHING - Transitional Ministers for success- A significant part of leadership succession may include short-term transition work. We specialize in coaching Transitional Ministers to provide for each church’s unique needs during a time of transition. Whether the person contracted is already part of the Luminex network or not, we will work with him or her to train, coach and support them. We provide quarterly networking opportunities for growth with other TMs, as well as individual support and encouragement. 

Are you ready to explore whether Succession Planning might be the next right step for your church?

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Succession Planning