Succession Planning

Some leaders think it is better to hide the fact that a leader may be leaving an organization to guard against the dreaded “lame duck” period.  We think about that scenario a little differently.

While not everyone needs to know everything and while timing is important, we believe it is far more effective to be intentional about a process of succession.  Instead of leading to an ineffective “lame duck” period, we believe a good succession planning process shows true leadership and values the effectiveness of the organization.

We are prepared to help you think through all aspects of the succession including:

  • Clarity about the mission, vision, and values of the organization
  • The search process for the new leader
  • What is the process for internal candidates, and should it differ from the process for external candidates?
  • Onboarding the new leader

The Luminex Group has no interest in imposing a succession plan on you and every interest in helping you devise a plan which fits your context.

Are you ready to explore whether Succession Planning might be the next right step for your church?

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