A one-year journey that incorporates and integrates several of our core offerings - Church Unique, God Dreams, and Systems Thinking.

Kelly johnson

This process was very worthwhile, and I would highly recommend other churches and leaders engaging in it. The material and sessions are well done and pull together so many critical aspects of ministry. Having an external facilitator was so important – it removed biases, favoritism, clinging to current practices, etc., yet engaged the group and pulled us all together. - Immanuel Community Reformed Church, Lansing MI.
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Your leaders will benefit.

For churches that are fully committed to venturing deeply into how they think, who they are, and what God is calling them to pursue – and that are passionate about growing into a vibrant learning community – we recommend Xpedition.

Xpedition is a comprehensive, one-year journey that incorporates and integrates several of our core offerings - Church Unique, God Dreams, and Systems Thinking - leading to clarity of identity, actionable momentum, and sustained learning, growing, and vitality.

Your leaders will benefit from the counsel and guidance provided by two or more of our Luminex core team members, who will collaborate with your team to provide a unique, impactful, and sustainable Xpedition experience for your church.

Are you ready to explore whether Xpedition might be the next right step for your church?

Xpedition Inquiry (Luminex Group)

What was most beneficial in the process(es) you were part of?

As a participant in both the Church Unique and God Dreams processes, I saw the progress and benefits from day one. John’s leadership was direct and he pushed us hard. However, it was evident early that he was committed to moving us along and was invested in our progress and success. The time investment was not insignificant, but every session was productive and time well spent. The exercises, examples and discussion continually moved us along the process. We were stretched and challenged; allowing us to struggle a bit was also important as we learned together. I think the most beneficial part was how the process moved us along and we reached a clear vision and consensus on “what our church can do better than 10,000 other churches”.  These two processes followed by a year with a transition pastor have been among the most meaningful transformations I have experienced in a church. We are so much better prepared to welcome our new pastor and continue to do the work God has called us to do.

Could you provide one example of how this has positively impacted ICRC?

There are so many positive outcomes from this process. Having a mission statement and corresponding value statements that are specific and also reflective of “who” we are has been so powerful. It guides our decisions and provides direction in both short- and long- term planning. We don’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, all things. We need to focus on what we feel God has called us to do.

Kelly Johnson
Immanuel Community Reformed Church