Burnout Coaching

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What can you expect in coaching for burnout prevention?

Your coaching sessions will focus on your unique situation, based on the results of your inventory (burnout, desensitization, and personal achievement). You and your coach will decide whether to meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for one-hour face-to-face sessions. As a seasoned pastor, your coach has faced burnout and understands the pressures and stresses of church leadership. The primary goal of your sessions is to help you prevent burnout through supportive dialogue, learning and feedback as you deal with the contributing individual and systemic factors of burnout.

Your coach will use questions that help you explore who you are and what you are called to do in your current context, and how that makes you more or less vulnerable to burnout factors. Then, he/she will equip you with proven strategies to minimize or change the impact of systemic factors leading to burnout. Coaches are available between sessions, and will provide additional resources to meet your needs.

What we work together to accomplish and what we do not do in coaching:

Coaching Outcomes:

  • Increased personal resilience
  • Better understanding of the individual and systemic factors contributing to burnout, and how to prevent it
  • Increased sense of identity and healthy boundaries as a ministry leader

What coaching is not:

  • Counseling
  • Comparison or critique, shaming or minimizing
  • Formulas for quick fixes