February 1, 2022

Your Church as a Learning Organization

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One of our goals at Luminex Group is to equip churches and leaders for maximum ministry impact.

Churches are most effective when they are learning organizations. Being a learning organization means much more than having some teaching and preaching going on in your church. It’s a lot more than just participating in a learning community. Be a learning organization means a church is living out 5 specific disciplines in everything they do – these disciplines are all interrelated and work together.

The 5 disciplines are:

  1. Systems Thinking: See the church as a complex interdependent social systems that produce outcomes based on how the parts of your church work together It also helps you understand how your church really works. Why it does what it does. And it helps you restructure or change church to maximize your ministry impact.
  2. Personal Mastery: This is about leaders do the self development necessary to mature and develop so that they can become effective leaders.
  3. Mental Models: This forms the foundation of almost everything that you do in ministry. They are the mental pictures or the maps that are built into our minds, formed on our beliefs, values, assumptions, and our experiences that influences what we do. What we don’t do. What we thinks possible or impossible. Mental models are a critical topic for church leaders.
  4. Shared Vision: It means that leaders and churches have a process to come to discernment of what is the vision God has for your church. What is our ministry.
  5. Team Learning: A discipline of coming together to ask good questions, share information. Team learning is a two way process of search for answers and learning together.
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