November 15, 2017

Time to Party

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Food, fun, and friends – it’s time to PARTY!

Season 3 of our Whiteboard Wednesday ends on a fun, high note with Doug McClintic, Church Multiplication Catalyst for Luminex.

Outreach can often seem like it needs a complex, theological strategy in order to be effective. But there is a simple outreach technique that everyone can use and that Jesus used throughout his ministry. It’s called “partying.”

Although Jesus was falsely accused of being a glutton for always partying in people’s homes, in truth that was his way of having a good time of fellowship with food to develop relationships and friendships during his time on earth. And we can follow that pattern to great effect.

Here are 3 steps to having a party:

  1. Food – where there is food, people will come together.
  2. Fun – whether it’s just music or it’s an activity, have something that’s fun, freeing, light, so that people can gather in and join freely.
  3. Friends – this is a place where people can meet and develop new friendships.

Luminex has a resource for those of you who are ready to plan your next party. It’s called Get ready for your next party with food, fun, and friends!

We’ll be back next week for Season 4 of Whiteboard Wednesday!

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