January 3, 2022

The New Luminex Group

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We believe that it is really important that we are at our best when we are helping you become your best for the Kingdom of God. We do this by helping church leaders answer three essential questions:

  1. Who are we (What is our identity?)
  2. What are we called to do? (what’s our mission?)
  3. Who is our neighbor (What’s our context?)

We are about equipping churches to discover answers to those questions and as we do that we are also helping them become learning organizations  – which is the strength of a church system. Much of what we do is facilitated discovery. We help you from getting stuck and surviving to flourishing and thriving. We offer a variety of resources like

We are here for you! We are ready to help you and your church flourish.

Contact John at jmesser@luminexgroup.org.

  • Breaking Church Addictions

    Believe it or not, church addictions are fairly common. They are probably more common than we would like to admit. GO HERE.

  • Burnout or Breakout

    How can church leaders be effective without sacrificing their marriage, their family, or their health in the process? How can good leaders get stuck churches unstuck without becoming another casualty? GO HERE.

  • Faith Based

    A Biblical, Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in the Church . GO HERE.