October 16, 2019

The Change Roller Coaster (Part 2) – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 8: Episode 13

Every person and every organization will go through change, whether we want to or not.

On today’s Whiteboard Wednesday video, John Messer takes us through part TWO of the Change Rollercoaster, which encapsulates eight universal steps relating to change.

  • Breaking Church Addictions

    Believe it or not, church addictions are fairly common. They are probably more common than we would like to admit. GO HERE.

  • Burnout or Breakout

    How can church leaders be effective without sacrificing their marriage, their family, or their health in the process? How can good leaders get stuck churches unstuck without becoming another casualty? GO HERE.

  • Faith Based

    A Biblical, Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in the Church . GO HERE.