June 20, 2018

The 16% Gap – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 4: Episode 7

Featured image for “The 16% Gap – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 4: Episode 7”

In today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, John Messer, our Leadership Development Catalyst, shares more about how we can move change throughout an entire congregation.

Leaders are change-agents who influence the adoption of new ideas, processes, and innovations.

Casting vision — presenting what could be — is the most common way of connecting with other visionary people and those who are consider “early adopters.” But, once the first group buys into the vision, it often stalls and no amount of vision-casting will move the idea past the first innovative group.

Leaders wonder what went wrong, sometimes leaving the vision to die.

What they encountered is The 16% Gap.

How we communicate new ideas from one group to the next must change. One size does not fit all!

Watch today’s Whiteboard Wednesday video to learn more!

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