June 2, 2017

Podcast Episode 3: “Church Life Cycles”

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On today’s episode, we have Art Wiers, Church Health Catalyst for Luminex, talk about the lifecycle of a church from birth to decline. The reality is that all churches fall somewhere on this cycle and it’s important for leaders to know which stage theirs falls into. Learn how church life cycles leads to effectively starting and strengthening churches, and how to leave a positive legacy during decline!

How is the church life cycle similar to the human life cycle? (01:22)
Understand the church’s life cycle through the research and works of George Bullard from the United Methodist Church. Through the years, churches go through the same life cycles as humans. At 25-30 years, churches reach their peak and maintain productivity at 30-40 years. Also, you will learn how they reach decline between 70-80 years.

What factors causes a longer life for a church? (06:21)
There are four components that are prominent in the life cycle. Learn how vision, relationships, programs, and management are the key components to determine the longevity of a church.

How can pastors reset vision in their church? (10:22)
It begins by having conversation about the current reality of what happening now, and being engaged in prayer. Art talks about how to involve God and get a better understanding of His mission for all of us.

Continue seeking inspiration:

Bullard, George W. “Congregational Passages: The Life Cycle and Stages of Congregational Development.” New Reformation Solutions, Columbia SC (2000)
Better Together by Jim Tomberlin & Warren Bird

(“Church Life Cycles”- Whiteboard Wednesday video below)

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