Linear Thinking vs. Systems Thinking (Part 1) – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 10: Episode 1

This is the first video in a 5-part series on Systems Thinking.

Today’s video delves into the contrast between linear thinking, which is pervasive yet problematic, and systems thinking, which is rare but consistently and deeply effective.

This series comes courtesy of John Messer, who recently completed a doctorate degree in Systems Theory with a specific emphasis on application to churches.

John also recently completed a book titled Burnout or Breakout: Systems Thinking for Stifled Leaders and Stuck Churches, which will be published and released soon.

Download and Read 2 Selections from John’s Book Below:

Why Church Leaders Need Systems Thinking

The Difference Between Linear and Systems Thinking

If you are interested in seeing things from a different perspective — one that moves church leaders from fighting fires to living into the call God has placed on you to lead — then this series is for you.