November 1, 2017

Leading for Collaboration

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A thriving church often has many separate teams overseeing multiple ministries. How can those ministries work together instead of creating division?

On this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Art Wiers, member of the Luminex core leadership team, shares his experiences with church leaders working towards collaboration.

Throughout his time working with churches, Art noticed a pattern he calls the “silo effect.” The silo effect happens when church ministries work in isolation, accomplishing their own goals without collaborating with other ministries. When this happens, they miss opportunity to build creative energy and eliminate space for new people, because it’s the same teams working on the same projects constantly. And overall, they are missing the opportunity to collaborate towards the greater goals of the church as a whole.

To avoid the silo effect, Art recommends bringing your committees and teams together to work collaboratively on at least one project that is consistent and compelling, aligning with the vision of the ministry. You can do this in your church at least once a year or even once a quarter. The end result can be a lot more excitement, more people involved, and new ideas for what can happen in the life of the church. Consider looking at your ministry, and what you can do to lead toward collaboration.

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