July 12, 2018

Join Us In Chicago for City to City North America

Featured image for “Join Us In Chicago for City to City North America”

Join the Luminex Church Multiplication Team October 17-20 at Moody Church in Chicago for the Gospel & Our Cities conference with Dr. Tim Keller.

North America needs thousands of churches started and revitalized through the good news of the gospel so that cities will be renewed through those churches.

As we prayerfully anticipate gospel renewal in our cities and prepare to be catalysts for this gospel movement, the Gospel and Our Cities: Chicago 2018 will speak practically on how churches in all regions can fellowship and collaborate in unity and will encourage and equip pastors, church planters, city leaders and you to share the gospel effectively.

What’s included at no cost to those who go with Luminex:

Transportation from Grand Rapids (with pick up in Holland-Zeeland) to Chicago [we will leave at noon from GR on the 17th]

City Tour and River/Lake Taxi Trip

Special Pre-Conference Guest(s) and Conversation

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Transportation to and from Moody Church

Special Hotel Rate

Limited Number of Scholarships to cover Tuition

For more info on the conference go to thegospelandourcities.org

Email doug@luminexusa.org to sign up!


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