February 15, 2017

Hospitality: The Big Eleven Part 3

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On today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Doug McClintic, Church Multiplication Catalyst for Luminex, describes the last steps of the “Big Eleven.”

As we move toward the last steps of the “Big Eleven” tool, let’s assume that the new visitor has shown a great deal of interest in your church at this point. It is important at this juncture that you not ignore them, but continue to work and show them that they are welcome.

Here are steps 8 – 11 of the Big Eleven:

Step 8 is a “Learn More” letter. It’s time now to send visitors a letter, or even a packet of information, that tells the person that you are glad they came for a third visit, and that you are excited to let them know more about your church. Then, you can describe the ways in which they can learn more about your church through the letter or packet. It may even include an invitation to a pastor’s class, or to a new member orientation. This provides them an opportunity to learn more about your congregation.

Step 9 is the setup and appointment. This can be done by an email, text, or phone call to the visitor. Regardless of which channel you choose, it’s important to send the message that you want to personally sit down with them and talk about your church and about their relationship with your church. The invitee will either accept the invitation or decline. Either way you are letting them know that you want to engage with them personally. Thus, it is very important that someone from the congregation sets up the appointment, so that you can connect with the person on an official level.

Step 10 is to repeat the home invitation that was issued after the first visit. It is very important that people make friends with new people in a church. Being friendly and hospitable is vitally important. Be very friendly during your church service, and before and after the church service. In the end, people are not looking for “friendly” as much as they are looking for friends. Friendship can be solidified by having interactions in a casual setting, such as a home, or going out for coffee, or some other social invitation from a person in the church. I cannot emphasize how important this step is.

Finally, step 11 is when you invite them to a small group or ministry group activity. I recommend having the leader of the small group or ministry issue an invitation to the person who has visited your congregation at least three times. This allows the visitor the opportunity to get involved with your discipleship pathway and with the life, vibrancy, and program of your church. This is just another way to welcome them, and to acknowledge that you’re glad they are present. Importantly, you can encourage them to join you in your mission in Jesus name.

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