February 8, 2017

Hospitality: The Big Eleven, Part 2

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Doug McClintic continues discussing the best way to follow-up with first time visitors in your congregation using a tool called “The Big Eleven” on today’s Whiteboard Wednesday.

The Big Eleven is a tool to use during the first three weeks a first-time visitor comes to your church. The Big Eleven is comprised of eleven steps, and in Part Two (of three) we’ll consider the next three steps after the visitor comes to your church the second time.

The fifth step is to send a handwritten thank you note after the visitor’s second visit to the church. This note should come from the pastor or staff member acknowledging how pleased they were of the visitor’s presence.

The sixth step is to place them on the email list for the church’s electronic newsletter. If your church does not currently have an email newsletter, it would be a great tool to consider sending out on a Friday or Saturday afternoon to make parishioners aware of Sunday’s service and general church announcements.

The seventh step is to send the visitor a thank you text or phone call from the pastor of the church. Depending on the age of the new visitor, a text may be appropriate to quickly say how happy the church is to see them again. However, a phone call (even with leaving a voicemail) can go a long way in leaving a good impression after the second visit of the new member.

Even if you are able to do two or three of these first seven steps, it will help improve the church’s retention of new visitors.

Stay tuned for the final installment of Hospitality: The Big Eleven Part 3!

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