October 11, 2017

Holy Risk

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Will you stay in your comfort zone or take a Holy Risk?

In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Art Wiers, member of the core leadership team of the Region of the Great Lakes, discusses the subject of Holy Risk based on the book The U-Turn Church by Bob Bouwer and Kevin Harney.

Throughout the life of a church, there are times when they retreat to a safe place. In this place, a church may take some risks, but these will be marginal, small risks. Bob and Kevin would say that this is not very biblical. In the scripture, God calls us to pursue Holy Risks. But how?

First, we can lead with God-sized faith. Instead of going out into ministry based on what we believe we can accomplish, we can venture out based on what we believe God can accomplish. This is a risk that if we were to do with our own merit, we would not succeed. That is a Holy Risk based on God-sized faith.

Second, Holy Risk requires God-sized prayer. Imagine being in Moses’ shoes standing at the Red Sea, with the whole Israelite nation and Pharaoh’s army behind him. He needed to take a risk in which he needed God-sized prayer. A Holy Risk is something that would honor God because it is something that only He can do and requires God-sized prayer

And third, a Holy Risk requires God-sized sacrifice. Many times, risks are chosen based on how small of a sacrifice it would be. Often these risks’ results are very disappointing. However, as a leader, as a church, taking a risk that requires a significant sacrifice demonstrates how much you are willing to step out for the cause of Christ and will often have encouraging results.

At this time, take a good look at your leadership journey in the context of your ministry. Think about when you have used God-sized faith, God-sized prayer, or God-sized sacrifice. Have you been taking Holy Risks?

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