September 6, 2017

Frames of Leadership

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 Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, all with different competencies and emphases. What type of leader are you? And how can you develop competencies in other ways of leadership?

On this Whiteboard Wednesday, Jill VerSteeg, Director of Transformational Engagement, delves into three different frames of leadership based on Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal’s book, Reframing Organizations. Each of these three frames are summarized below. Which one do you feel best describes your leadership?


Frames of Leadership


Organizational/ Administrative

Human Relations




Inspires Action by: Making decisions and Delegating Empowering people

Building relationships

Making meaning
Emphasizes: Roles and responsibilities Relationships Vocabulary, telling stories give people categories to make sense of life
Competencies: Planning, budgeting, leading meetings Empathy, listening, self-awareness, self-reflection Reflection, interpretation, visioning, storytelling
Biblical Model: Nehemiah Good Shepherd,


Nathan w/ David,

Parables, Sermon on the Mount

Why change is hard: Causes confusion about roles and responsibilities Reconfigures relationships Create loss of meaning, grief over old symbols
How to ease change: Orient people to new roles Help people adjust to new relationships Provide new meaning to new stories

Now, spend 10 to 20 minutes praying. Ask the Spirit, “Where do I most align myself? Am I more of a structural leader? Do I like to build? Am I more of a relational leader, love people, and see church as community? Or am I more of a symbolic leader that tells stories to help people make meaning for their lives?” Once you get clarity on that, work at finding ways that you can develop threshold competencies in your other two weaker frames.

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