November 22, 2017

Four Ways to Encourage Staff

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Everyone needs some encouragement. Here’s some simple ways to do it at your church!

Make Gafa brings us this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday with four ways to encourage staff members:

  1. Be present.

Give your time and attention to the staff members in your church. How? Listen closely, be attentive to their needs, and be focused on them.

  1. Be affirmative.

Intentionally affirm your staff members. Let them know they are appreciated. A simple way of doing this is by having an appreciation lunch for all your staff.

  1. Compensate fairly.

The Reformed Church in America has guidelines for minimum compensation. But although it might take a little more effort, a way to encourage your staff would be to find out how much compensation is truly fair. From the pastors to the custodians, everyone deserves fair compensation.

  1. Implement an annual evaluation process.

This process shouldn’t be something that’s dreaded, but a process where people are affirmed, appreciated, encouraged, and challenged. This should be thorough and should emphasize optimizing things that people are doing well, and shoring up areas of weakness.

Keep up the encouragement this week!

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