July 14, 2017

Reaching The Next Generation Part 1: Podcast Episode 5

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Episode 5: Reaching The Next Generation Part 1.

There has been a steady decline of engagement in emerging adults within churches. Why is this happening? What are the concerns? What is the best way of engaging the next generation of disciples?

On part 1 of this episode- Tanner Smith, pastor of Harbor Life Church in Granville, and Rick Zomer, Director of Next Generation Engagement for the RCA, dive into how the church can best translate the gospel for the next generation in a way that’s contextual but also invites them to be a part of the gospel through mentorship and friendship.

[2:00] Why Engage the Next Generation?

The level of commitment and faith in emerging adults have been an increasing concern for a long time now. Tanner and Rick illustrate the reality of this and why this is occurring through research and the ‘eyeball test’.

[5:33] Challenges of Reaching Today’s Youth

Young people see institutions vastly different from decades ago. Media saturation and internet has led the next generation to believe that institutions are not for the people. Tanner and Rick discuss how the church is not about creating an institution but rather a place of belonging.

[11:52] Creating Space for the Next Generation

Tanner and Rick talk about the importance of creating communities of faith and hospitality for today’s youth. It’s not about creating a program but more about creating a space for them through friendship and the ability to be vulnerable.  

[18:30] Building Authentic Intergenerational Relationships

Tanner and Rick describe the ways to connect with the next generation in a meaningful and authentic way.

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