August 15, 2016

Coaching Delivers

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“I feel spiritually dry, I admitted.

“What has brought you out of that dryness in the past, she asked.  

“I feel most alive when I’m working on something that is beyond me, that requires faith, I responded.

“What could be something that God is calling you today that will require faith?”

That simple question, posed by my coach, ignited a whole new ministry at the church I was serving, leading to physical healings and spiritual conversions.

Having someone in your life who is safe, listens attentively, asks powerful questions, and provides space for the Holy Spirit to speak, can be life and ministry changing. Church consultant Bob Logan states that coaching increases productivity by 30-50%.

If you are looking for clarity, focus and encouragement, and you are ready to up your game and make a more significant impact as a leader, consider getting a coach. It could be your next best move.

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