July 7, 2017

Urban Church Planting: Podcast Episode 4

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As more and more people around the world move from the countryside and suburbs back into the cities, how should the Church respond?

On this week’s podcast, Pete Pinkowski and Michael Hooker, pastors of urban congregations in Cleveland, Ohio and Hammond, Indiana, take us into their communities to show us how they “seek the shalom of the city” (Jeremiah 29:7) by building deep, genuine relationships with their neighbors.

[4:51] The Call to the City

From lay roles, to seminary, to the city centers, Pete & Michael describe how they discerned their calls from God and how their entire families are now engaging the communities they live in.

[7:53] Life Together: Ministry in Urban Contexts

In cities like Cleveland, where 68% of people have either never been to church or who no longer attend church, how should Christians contextualize and share the Gospel message? Pete & Michael dive into what it looks like to build authentic relationships within close quarters and engage their neighbors through their everyday routines.

[16:20] Challenges of City Church Planting

In rust belt cities like Hammond, Chicago, and Cleveland, there are a unique set of challenges for church planters to navigate. From communicating with racially and economically diverse congregations, to confronting the impact of economic downturn in rust-belt cities to redeeming negative stereotypes of pastors – we’ll discuss how church leaders can emphasize the good news of the gospel to those who are facing real challenges.

[31:15] Get Out of the Church!

Pete and Michael talk about the practical ways they’ve engaged community outside the four church walls. They also share stories about how built relational capital and forged deep connections by simply sharing meals within homes across their neighborhoods.

Get involved in your city: 

Kids’ Hope USA: find out how your church can partner with this nationwide children’s mentorship program.

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