Burnout or Breakout
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Systems Thinking Sessions beginning February 8 for five consecutive Mondays.

Session 1
What is a system? What makes the church a system?

  • Essential characteristics of a system
  • Characteristics of a social system (church)
  • Big Idea #1: A system is perfectly designed (structured) to get the outcomes you see.

Session 2
What are the big ideas of systems thinking?

  • Linear vs. systems thinking
  • Tool #1: The Systems Iceberg
  • Treating symptoms or solving problems?

Session 3
Is systems thinking biblical

  • Exodus 18: Moses and Jethro
  • Jethro: first church consultant
  • A system designed for burnout

Session 4
How does systems thinking help me be a better church leader

  • Discovering what’s really happening
  • Tool #2: Behavior over time graph
  • The role of mental models
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