August 18, 2017

An Out of the Box Partnership: Luminex and Lanio

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Over the past few years, as we (Luminex) have worked to more effectively realize our mission to Develop Leaders to Start and Strengthen Churches, one of the questions we are often asked is, “How did a middle judicatory in the Reformed Church in America become a recognized thought leader for leadership development, and for starting and strengthening churches, in the RCA and beyond?”

The answer, while multi-faceted, is rooted in humility. Under the leadership of former executive leader Rick Veenstra (and continuing under current executive leader John Messer), our Luminex core team realized that to optimally achieve our mission, we needed to think and function outside the middle judicatory box we resided in, while at the same time continuing to excel in our core responsibilities. As we grappled with the enormity of this challenge, we came to the realization that we couldn’t do it alone. We needed a world class partner that would bring the essential elements we lacked, and would guide and shape our thinking and approach.

We give thanks to God for leading us to Lanio, a global innovation agency located in Grand Rapids.

To learn more about how Lanio has partnered with Luminex, click here.

To explore the possibility of having Lanio partner with your organization – be it a large church, denomination or judicatory, nonprofit or company – click here.

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