August 23, 2017

Aligning Church Ministries with Mission and Vision

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Once you have a solid understanding on your church’s mission and vision, it’s time to make sure your ministries and departments are actually working together to help you realize that vision.

On this Whiteboard Wednesday, Mike Gafa provides us with a quick tool to do just that – it’s called the “Keep-Alter-Stop-Add” tool.

First, consider one of your existing ministries. For example, if your church has an adult discipleship ministry, make a quick list of all of the sub-ministries, programs, and key events that make up that ministry. Then take stock of whether each of these aligns with the mission of the church, and helps move toward the vision of the church. As you consider this, assess each sub-ministry, program, and key event to determine what to keep, what to alter, what to stop, and what may need to be added.

In most churches, the hardest part of the assessment is recognizing which ministries might need to be stopped. Leaders can be quick to add new programs and open to change ongoing ones, but stopping is truly difficult. However, when prayerfully considered, ending a program can actually free your church up to focus resources in more fruitful ways.  

If you’ve ever strategically changed or ended a ministry within your church, how did you make that decision? Leave us a comment below and share about the process.

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