December 20, 2017

8 Marks of All-in Leadership Teams

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Leadership is a tough task, but it is made easier when the burden is carried by more than one person. When you create leadership teams in your churches and ministries, these are eight characteristics that make up effective and engaged teams.

  1. Everyone is Praying

This is not simply praying at the beginning of meetings, but having a lifestyle of regular prayer multiple times a day.

  1. Conversation is marked by grace and truth

This is conversation that is authentic, forthright, but not accusatory, and all ringing with truth.

  1. A desire to improve and grow

This is a constant desire to stray out of the comfort zone to grow. This can be shown by being open to starting new things like a bible study.

  1. Collaboration is the order of the day

The power of a team is always more powerful than one person. Even a super pastor needs a good team to back them up.

  1. Accountability is embraced

It is not shied away from.

  1. Excitement around mission and vision

Even though it is not necessarily articulated, the church and leadership team is still moving in a particular mission and vision.

  1. Willingness to stop ministries/programs/events

There is always a life cycle to these different things. And as stewards of God’s resources, we have to acknowledge when they have run their course.

  1. Change is expected and embraced

In this rapidly changing world, we have to change too in order to reach people with the unchanging word of Christ.


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