We Need More Volunteers! – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 9: Episode 13

Is any church immune from needing more volunteers? The need for volunteers in every church is significant, but most churches actually – and unknowingly – undermine their own need. What might happen if we put our primary focus on leadership development and apprenticing, and our secondary focus volunteer recruitment? Find out by watching today’s Whiteboard Wednesday video!

Staying on Mission – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 9: Episode 12

For a variety of reasons, individual Christians and whole churches have a tendency to drift from evangelism and prayer. On today’s Whiteboard Wednesday video, Randy Weener walks us through some practical, effective ways that people and churches can avoid drift and stay on mission. Watch the video to learn more!

The Young Person’s Timeline – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 9: Episode 11

When it comes to understanding and relating to young people, what we say (and how we say it) is paramount. “When I was your age” shuts down conversation, while “tell me more” prompts conversation. Matthew Deprez of the Fuller Youth Institute shares this insight and much more on today’s Whiteboard Wednesday video. Don’t miss it!

Recruiting vs. Cultivation, Part 2 – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 9: Episode 10

In part two of “Recruiting vs. Cultivation,” Bob Carlton presents a compelling argument for why cultivating leaders from within isn’t optional, but necessary. Bob also provides insight on how to go about fostering an environment for cultivation, so that every church can be part of a multiplication movement. Watch Part 1 here.