The Priority Triangle – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 8: Episode 1

How church planters allocate their time – and for that matter, how all ministry leaders allocate their time – has direct impact on the effectiveness of their ministry. On today’s Whiteboard Wednesday video, Bob Carlton equips us in this area through the “Priority Triangle.”

Facing our Blind Spots – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 7: Episode 11

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we all have blind spots. Simply put, we don’t know what we can’t see. On today’s Whiteboard Wednesday video, Mike Gafa guides us through how to face our blind spots, and how to proactively maintain healthy spiritual peripheral vision.

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A Multicultural Church = A Stronger Church

One of the neglected elements that can strengthen congregations is diversity within a given church. Diversity within a congregation means ethnic, generational, language, and class variation within a given church. Think of a church where members come from different groups — some are African-American, others are Asian, and others are Euro-Americans. Moreover, there are people of different age groups in …