From Root to Fruit – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 7: Episode 7

On today’s Whiteboard video, Chris Hall talks about what it means to apply a “root to fruit” approach to discipleship. The phrase comes from Gospel Fluency, by Jeff Vanderstelt, and has great significance for individual Christians and for churches who are passionate about raising up disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Covenantal Leadership Through a Leadership Covenant

The following is taken from Faith-Based: A Biblical, Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in the Church, by Michael Gafa: I have found that having a well discerned, easy to understand Leadership Covenant is a great way to uphold core values and biblical truths in tandem with promoting cohesion and unity in Christ. The Leadership Covenant example that follows is one I have …

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The Sent Sender!

I love getting packages! I love sending packages! Thankfully for me, internet shopping and ordering have made sending and receiving packages more popular than ever. Did you know… FedEx sends 6.9 million packages per day. UPS Sends 15.8 million packages per day. USPS Sends 1.8 million packages per day. 25 million packages are sent EVERY DAY, just from these three …