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Servant Leadership

It was summer orientation at camp and I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. We were busy learning policies and procedures, preparing our curriculum for Bible study, working on our cabin devotions, becoming certified in CPR and figuring out skits among many other tasks. In the middle of that, I can still clearly remember when the Camp Director told the staff we would …

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Learning To Lead Yourself

Leadership development is one of my greatest passions. I love to see how God works through the gifts and talents of other people. Feeling part of what God is doing in somebody else’s life is very rewarding. In fact, it is so rewarding that it can become addictive. Yes. When you see someone growing in their potential, there is a …

Three Major Transitions – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 5: Episode 5

On today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, John Messer talks about three major transitions every leader experiences in the course of his or her career. It’s during these transition that leaders often grow the most. How are calling, contribution, and convergence intertwined with refining, focusing, and finishing? Watch the video to find out!